what if you could start your business this week?



Or, let me rephrase that...

What if someone handed you a roadmap with the exact steps you need to finally make that *paid hobby* or passion of yours an official business, set up from start to finish, in less than a week?

From getting legally protected and financially organized to building a standout brand and starting with sales, you'll have the steps you need, in the right order, so you can focus on doing the fun parts you love and rest easy knowing all the *business stuff* is completely taken care of. 

here's the problem

You know that in order to have a successful small business, you need to stop thinking about it and actually start it.

But you're constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like...

Where do I even start? 

How do I make sure I'm protected legally?

What do I name it? 

How will I possibly stand out?

Is my idea even good?

Hasn't it all been done before?

Am I really cut out for this? Would anyone really to buy from me?


Imagine having a step-by-step roadmap to set up your entire business from start to finish... without wasting time scouring the Google archives or spending money on expensive designers. 

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • You'll be Miss Congeniality confident sharing your business with the world knowing that you have all of your ducks in a row on the backend
  • You'll have a beautiful brand and marketing assets that YOU created on your own (no expensive designers required)
  • You'll know how to target a profitable niche market and exactly how to stand out from your competitors 

Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.


Hi, I'm Jordan Lee Dooley 

And I've been in your shoes. Six years ago, I started my very first small business out of a storage closet in college because I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mama one day (while still contributing financially). At first, I didn't think of it as a business. I was just doing something I enjoyed and making extra cash here and there.

But as I made sales to friends of friends, and eventually to complete strangers on Etsy, tax time rolled around and I realized I needed to get my ducks in a row. 

If you want to learn how to take your idea or side hustle and set it up to be a legit small business the headache-free way, I have something for you. 


A step-by-step roadmap to set up your business from start to finish. 

The Starter is everything you need to:

  • Name & protect your business
  • Target a profitable market
  • Legally protect your brand 
  • Build a business budget
  • Get started with sales

What makes the Starter different? 

Most programs on starting a business are just too much

We know that you don't want two hour training videos you'll never finish, and you also don't want the headache of having to learn everything about email marketing funnels, tripwire sales pages, and all the things at one time. You just want to be shown what to do first, second, and third, right?

So, we decided to fill the gap and create a solution to that problem with The Starter. Inside, we're giving you bite-size trainings and the simplified steps you actually need to get started. 

This program is a clear and easy-to-follow roadmap to putting the most essential building blocks in place so that you can set up your small business for success. It's that simple and it's 100% doable. 

And doable is what makes it so valuable.

Because women shouldn't have to choose between home and business.

part one


One of the first steps to setting up your business for success is laying the foundations. You need a solid business name, a clear mission statement, and you must know who you serve so you can speak to them. In this section, you'll:

  • Name your business
  • Create your mission statement
  • Select your profitable niche market
  • Build your ideal customer avatar


get legally legit

As unglamorous as it sounds, you can't have a legit business without getting your legal ducks in a row. In this module, you'll learn how to legally set up and protect your brand from two guest business attorneys. In this section, you'll:

  • Understand your legal options
  • Learn how trademarks work
  • Legally register your business
  • Solidify your contracts

Part Three

set up your finances for success 

You can't build a successful business if your finances are disorganized or if you don't know your numbers. In this section, you'll learn how to get your money organized and set your financial foundations up for success. More specifically, you'll:  

  • Properly set up your business accounts
  • Begin organizing your transactions and tracking your expenses
  • Create a business budget 


create your workflows

A positive customer experience is absolutely critical to the success of your business, which means it's important to stay organized. In this section, you'll: 

  • Create your systems and workflows (organization for the win!)
  • Create company policies so you can communicate them clearly to your clients
  • Map out your customer journey to ensure they have a seamless experience and want to work with you again in the future

Part five

build a stand out brand

...without hiring a fancy designer. It's true, it is possible for you to create your own beautiful, stand out brand without spending your life savings. In this section, you'll: 

  • Define your unique selling proposition 
  • Develop your brand's visual aesthetic
  • Start a simple website
  • Design and organize your marketing assets 

Part six

sell your product or service

A business that doesn't make money isn't a business, it's a hobby. You can't make money without sales. And to make sales, you have to know how to SELL. So in this section, you'll: 

  • Learn how to put yourself out there 
  • Learn the sales skills you need to successfully sell your product or service
  • Learn how to handle objections from prospective clients

On top of all of that, you're also going to get access to a curated bonus suite to take you to the finish line faster...

let's dive into your bonuses

the template suite 

When you enroll in The OIA Starter, you'll get access to the Business Plan template, the Brand Style Guide template, the Business Budget Template. In addition, you'll get special access to legal templates you can purchase, and plug and play to use for your small business.

$100 value

the resource bundle

When you enroll, you'll get access to worksheets, workflows, and checklists to guide your progress. As you build your business, check off each step as you complete it. 

$100 value

coaching call replays

Upon enrollment, you'll have access to two exclusive replays of recent coaching calls. In these sessions, I provide additional guidance and provide personalized feedback to Stater students' most pressing questions. Tuning into these will be so helpful in your journey!

$400+ VALUE

Start a business.

Change your life. 


"I am forever grateful"


One year ago, I was bursting with passions and bursting dreams but I didn't know what that next right step was. Jordan helped me identify the next right step. Fast forward to today, I'm full time with my business. I am forever grateful.

Brittany Goff, Wheatful Woman Co.

"If you want to start a business but you're overwhelmed and don't know where to start... this is where to start."

Emma T. 


"I am so confident"

 I had a business idea I was super excited about but had no idea where to start as far as the business side goes. That's where the Starter course was perfect. It was beautifully laid out and I loved that I could fit it in between my 9-5 job. Now that I'm getting ready to actually launch my finished product, it's so nice to know that I don't have to worry about the "business" side.


are you ready to start your business?

  • Niche Market Module ($100 Value)
  • Legal Set Up Module ($100 Value)
  • Financial Foundations ($100 Value)
  • Workflows Module ($100 Value) 
  • Branding Module ($100 Value)
  • Sales Training ($200 Value)
  • Template Suite ($100 Value)
  • Checklists and Tools ($100 Value)
  • Coaching Call Replays ($400 Value) 
  • Supportive Community (Priceless)

Total Value for All The Steps You Need To Set Up A Successful Business:





You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee

There's literally no risk involved because you're backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. 

Buy it, try it, apply it. If you're not satisfied, simply email our team at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and we'll issue a full refund. 

Hi, I'm Jordan Lee Dooley 

My journey began with a small Etsy shop and within five years time, I was able to build it into a national brand (but not without a lot of trial and error).

When I first started my small business online, I didn’t know what I needed from a branding perspective, thought "niche" was a type of food, had no idea who my ideal customer was, and all the legal and financial mumbo jumbo made my head spin. I just wanted to do something I loved... why did it feel so complicated?!

I eventually figured it out but this is exactly why I created this program for you. Although I teach the majority of the material, I also brought in some of the best guest experts to teach the very things I wish I would have known when I first started. Check out the incredible guestperts you'll be learning from below!


Paige Griffith

Paige is a certified Juris Doctor (aka an attorney) and founder of The Legal Paige Law Firm. She specializes in helping online business owners run legal and protected businesses. In The Starter, she walks you through the most important legal steps you need to set your business up for success.  

Ticora Davis

Ticora is a business attorney and founder of The Creators Law Firm. She's on a mission to help small business owners protect their creative genius and inside The Starter, she teaches how to get started with trademarks so that you can protect your brand and creative genius. 

Chloe Elise 

Chloe is a millennial money coach and founder of Deeper Than Money Co. She's here to show you that finances can be easy and fun and that you are capable of creating wealth. In The Starter, she's teaching on the money mistakes most small business owners make and how to correct them, as well as how to keep your finances organized, know how much to pay yourself, and more.

Whitney Hickman

Whitney is a branding strategist and the owner of Twelve One Designs. In The Starter, she is walking you through a simple and effective process to ensure you pick the best business name for your brand. 

Kathryn Murphy Shubert + Macy McNeely 

Kathryn and Macy are sales experts and the co-CEOs of Guide Culture.  Inside The Starter, they're giving you the sales skills you need to sell your product or service, as well as teaching you how to handle objections with confidence. 

Sunny Golden

Sunny is a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Hawaii. In The Starter, she provides the pep-talk every new small business owner needs, and walks you through the scary but necessary steps to putting yourself out there on social media as a business owner. More specifically, she'll show you how to start building a network, work with brands, and effectively engage with your community.

Kaitlin Fontenot

Kaitlin is a Shopify Expert, web designer, and owner of Love Kait Studios, a boutique design agency that specializes in helping female entrepreneurs launch their websites and make money online. In The Starter, she helps you get started on your website by walking you through the best website platforms to start on based on your type of business, as well as the keys to a captivating home page. Her practical tips give you the first steps you need to make your website, and her "done over perfect" approach will give you the courage you need to hit publish! 

Starting a business from home doesn't have to be confusing or complicated.

are you ready to own it?

  • Niche Market Module ($100 Value)
  • Legal Set Up Module ($100 Value)
  • Financial Foundations ($100 Value)
  • Workflows Module ($100 Value) 
  • Branding Module ($100 Value)
  • Sales Training ($200 Value)
  • Template Suite ($100 Value)
  • Checklists and Tools ($100 Value)
  • Coaching Call Replays ($400 Value)
  • Supportive Community (Priceless)




Is this program the right fit for you?

We’re looking for a particular type of person, and you might be a match. Let’s find out.


  • You have a *little sidehustle* but you're ready to make it official. You've figured out how to make some money on the side but now you want to really take things more seriously and start a legit business. 
  • You're starting a new business but have no idea where to start when it comes to finding your market, setting up your finances, getting organized, or building a stand out brand in a saturated space.
  • You're ready to stop dreaming and start doing. People are always telling you that you should start a business but  getting it up and running feels overwhelming. Endless Google scrolls and late nights later, you're done guessing and just want to take the right steps.

There has never been a better time to start a small business.

the time is now!

If you’re ready to stop playing small and start building the small business you've always wanted, I’m holding out my hand waiting for you to grab on.

Starting a business doesn't have to be scary and you don't have to do it alone. Instead of Googling and guessing what to do, allow us to show you exactly what to do (and when to do it!).

This is the roadmap you've been looking for. All you have to do is say yes.


If God dropped a dream in your heart, it's time for you to stop dreaming about it and start owning it. We'll help you every step of the way.

Have a Question Before Enrolling? 

are you ready to set up your business for success?

  • Niche Market Module ($100 Value)
  • Legal Set Up Module ($100 Value)
  • Financial Foundations ($100 Value)
  • Workflows Module ($100 Value) 
  • Branding Module ($100 Value)
  • Sales Training ($200 Value)
  • Template Suite ($100 Value)
  • Checklists and Tools ($100 Value)
  • Coaching Call Replays ($400 Value) 
  • Supportive Community (Priceless)